service offerings

Mobile App and Web Development

Evolabs Digital can provide your business with end to end mobile app and web development from design all the way through to deployment. Click on the sections below to familiarise yourself with each of our offerings.


Evolabs Digital takes a “human first” approach to designing a visually appealing aesthetic, aligned to your business ethos and creating products that delight your users.

We aim to create a positive and cohesive user experience (UX) using interactive and visual design principles across your websites, web applications and mobile apps.

Remove pain points for users as they navigate your pages and enable a smooth customer experience. Our developers use industry leading visual design tools to achieve responsive and streamlined designs.

Most businesses have opportunities that can be realised through the development of websites, mobile apps or progressive web apps (i.e. hybrid solutions). The right mobile app can increase sales revenue by opening up your business to new customers across the digital app stores and greatly increase your business’ visibility.

A well thought out web solution can reduce your cost to serve by providing a clean sales process leading to fast response times and delivery of goods or services.

Mobile apps can realise a reduction in marketing costs and improve customer experience by engaging directly via in-app push notifications for offers, or deals to existing customers. This also creates customer “stickiness” as they become always available to your business. Get the edge over your competition by adding features your competitors don’t have via innovative web, mobile app or hybrid app integration.

Evolabs Digital provides web development, mobile application and hybrid solutions leveraging experienced developers knowledgeable across a wide range of frameworks and platforms. We offer development as a service using a blend of onshore and offshore resources including business analysis and agile project management suiting your needs.

Discovering issues before your customers have to deal with them, saves post deployment brand tarnish and inflating development costs. Where many service providers try short-cut quality processes, we focus strongly on quality assurance so our clients receive a product that is not just “fit for purpose” but also gives your customer base the best possible user experience ensuring you don’t miss out on revenue due to quality issues with your digital platform. 

Our testers aim to protect your sensitive information by ensuring that the testing process reviews the security of your data on your digital platform as well.

Professional Services

Make cost effective decisions for your business, stand-up scalable initiatives and measure your success. Click on the sections below to familiarise yourself with each of our offerings.


Evolabs Digital offers a wide range of consulting services tailored to your business needs. 

We can offer:

  • Program and project management to set up new or manage your existing programs towards successful delivery and completion.
  • Standing up a Project Management Office and professional reporting capability providing you with the visibility to clearly track and manage metrics / KPI’s and give you the tools you need to make the right strategic decisions.
  • Cost benefits analysis to size, cost and understand ROI for projects or initiatives in the pipeline.
  • Business analysis, requirements gathering, development and testing.
  • ITIL consulting and training specialising in service management practices.

We understand costs can be a challenge or even a limiting factor for any business. We also know that finding reliable offshore resources or partners can be as difficult as finding a needle in a haystack. Particularly startups and smaller businesses can struggle to find the right partner and ensure costs don’t inflate rapidly due to the challenges that go hand in hand when working with offshore teams.

Evolabs Digital, due to our extensive experience working in outsourcing and offshoring, solves those challenges by providing governance of your team, addressing common problems like communication gaps and differences in working culture.

We can tailor the right team for your needs by providing a blend of onshore and offshore specialists and removing the hassle from the search for reliable contract resources or suppliers and providing better scalability than permanent onshore staffing models.

Blockchain and NFTs

Looking to develop a smart contract or launch an NFT collection? We can help you get on your journey. Click on the sections below to familiarise yourself with each of our offerings.


The growing buzz around blockchain has created a new eco-system of web applications and solutions.

Evolabs Digital can work with your business to help you create fungible token solutions and smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain using Solidity to implement some of the most popular ERC standards (ERC-20, ERC-721, ERC-777 and ERC-1155). We also have experience working on the Solana blockchain developing smart contracts using Rust.

Are you interested in taking your artwork to the digital metaverse?

We have our "Journey to Art 3.0" roadmap to help you go from understanding your target audience to setting yourself up on a marketplace, minting your NFTs and start advertising & selling your digital artwork.

We can help you using established tools and marketplaces to accelerate your go to market, or we can develop fully customised smart contracts and let your community do the minting.